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    Posted on Nov 10, 2014

    10 Facial Expressions Of Kal Penn's That Every Indian American Will Understand

    Join us for a celebration of Indian American film on November 15, 2014 at the National Museum of Natural History Baird Auditorium.

    1. After hearing “Where are you really from?” for the umpteenth time


    2. When your parents have done something embarrassing

    3. When your parents inform you that you will be spending your summer vacation in India

    4. When someone tells you that "you're so exotic looking"

    5. When trying to explain your “weird” name to new acquaintances

    The Namesake

    6. When your friend comes over to your house and asks, “What’s that smell?”


    That would be my mom’s Aloo Gobi. And it's delicious.

    7. That time you learned that not all Indian Americans can dance Bhangra

    Where's The Party Yaar? / Via

    8. When you have to show up for airport security 3 hours before anyone else

    9. When you find out the Smithsonian has a whole exhibition dedicated to Indian Americans


    It's called "Beyond Bollywood: Indian Americans Shape the Nation" and it's at the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C.

    10. When you learn that Kal Penn will be at the Beyond Bollywood Film Festival

    On Saturday, November 15, join Kal Penn and others at the National Museum of Natural History Baird Auditorium for an afternoon of Indian American films. Learn more at

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