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    Does Karen Gillan Have The Stolen Van Gogh Painting?

    In which Karen Gillan's tweet accidentally has a funny misunderstanding about the fate of the stolen Van Gogh painting.

    On Mar 30 2020, a Dutch museum which was closed due to the Coronavirus outbreak reportedly had a stolen Van Gogh painting, on the artist's birthday.

    On the same day, the cast and crew of Doctor Who episode Vincent and the Doctor did a watch party on Twitter where actress Karen Gillan showed audiences a photo of the Van Gogh painting prop from the episode.

    Look what I dad went on a secret mission to get it for my birthday. Had no idea! Best gift. #TheUltimateGinger

    Ironically, many Twitter users pointed out the timing of her tweet, as just hours before, news broke out about a stolen Van Gogh painting. Gillan's wording of the tweet indeed makes it sound as though her father stole the painting from the Dutch museum.

    Of course, that's not the case, as Gillan had previously told the story about how she got the painting. She had shown it to audiences years ago on Facebook live, explaining that the painting was missing, but from the art department, not the Dutch museum. It turns out that her father asked the Doctor Who producers for the painting to surprise her on her birthday years ago.

    Still, it's worth a laugh to think that Karen Gillan has the stolen Van Gogh painting. Happy birthday Vincent Van Gogh!