Myles the miracle puppy!
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  • Myles The Puppy - Cleft Lip, Split Nose & Brain Malformation

    But that doesn’t stop him from being the happiest dog in the world! One of the hardest things to acknowledge is that not everyone will love an animal the way we do. Watching Myles grow up and become the contagious, spunky, full of life, loving gentleman he is makes me wonder - What if I hadn’t gotten Myles? At 8 weeks old, I rescued the most precious 4lb bundle of joy and had no idea what was in store for us. He is the youngest dog ever known to have been diagnosed with his brain condition - a condition so rare there is no treatment or much knowledge about it in dogs as most are put to sleep, never given the chance to live. Since there isn’t much known, every day is a new learning experience. Myles’ loves LIFE! He has learned to sit, lay down, bring his good bowl, walk on a leash, go to sleep and stay. He knows how to hug, he knows how to love and how it feels to be loved! He enjoys riding in the car, his favorite snack is cheese, he likes to play chase and when he’s worn out from a busy day at work (playing of course), he likes to cuddle. Myles is a miracle, and only needed a chance. For more information about Myles, you can visit his facebook at http// He was also featured as Monday Miracles on, yesterday!

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