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5 Instagram Dogs You Need To Follow Now!

All of these Instagram pooches are amazing in their own special way! Here's why:

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1. Speedy (@speedyboyboy)

He loves his friends!

He looks amazing in Olaf-themed dress shirts.

He knows how to make a dollar.

He can pull off horizontal stripes.

He understands the importance of a good nap.

2. Daisy (@underbiteunite)

She's a total flower child.

She knows how to throw an awesome party!

She's secretly a superhero.

She looks awesome wearing her first prosthetic prototype!

3. Auri (@aurithechihuahua)

She's incredibly stylish.

She loves to meditate and reflect on her thoughts.

She always offers to do the dishes.

She loves exploring the great outdoors!

She's a talented seamstress.

She's a master of disguise.

Pixie (@toothfairypixie)

She gives the best kisses!

She can serve Hello Kitty realness.

She's got that 'effortlessly windswept' look down.

She's got an awesome voice.

She's a total party animal.

Tuna (@tunameltsmyheart)

He's got the best profile.

He's an expert at recreating the "Jaws" poster.

He's not afraid to get up close and personal!

He can totally work a bowtie.

He's great at hide-and-seek!

He's pretty much just glorious.

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