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    10 Weird Pizzas That Will Rock Your World

    You can never have enough pizza. Especially if the culinary classic is topped with s'mores, corn dogs or cookie dough.

    1. Corn Dog Pizza

    Of course this happened in the Midwest...

    2. Breakfast Pizza

    Fresh bacon + fried eggs = breakfast pizza on steroids.

    3. Pizza Cones

    It's pizza. In a cone.

    4. Tater Tot Pizza

    Because side dishes are for wimps.

    5. S'mores Pizza

    No campfire required.

    6. Zucchini Pizza

    It's probably healthy but it also looks amazing.

    7. Fruit Pizza

    We can pretend this is healthy but it's probably not.

    8. Mac & Cheese Pizza

    Add bacon and this would be a culinary masterpiece.

    9. Dinosaur Chicken Nugget Pizza

    It only works if they're dinosaur-shaped.

    10. Cookie. Dough. Pizza.

    Cookie dough, ice cream, more cookie dough... 'nuff said.

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