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Your Group Of Friends As Told By The Characters Of 'Toy Story'.

What kind of friend are you?

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The somewhat controlling friend afraid of change.

Buzz Lightyear

The friend who is known as a show-off and believes they are above the rest of the group.


The enthusiastic tomboy who gives off mixed signals to the guys in the group.


The friend who has no idea about their identity and is constantly worrying about how people perceive them.

Slinky Dog

The loyal friend who stands up for you time and time again, even after multiple mistakes.


The friend who doesn't pay for a single thing.

Mr. Potato Head

The friend in a relationship that complains about being in it 24/7.

(Note to those who are this friend: just break up!)

Mrs. Potato Head

The overbearing partner who must keep tabs on their significant other at all times.


The friend who brings energy to every event but doesn't necessarily have anything intelligent to add.

Little Green Aliens

The small few in your group of friends who stick together and can't think for themselves. They are the ones who have to text each other before confirming if they will attend an event.


The flirtatious friend who are constantly into their appearance.

Sarge And The Bucket O' Soldiers

The group of guys who try to do manly things but eventually their ideas get stomped on!

Bo Peep

The promiscuous friend who doesn't understand why they can't seem to hold down a relationship.

Mr. Spell

The friend who makes sure everyone stays in contact after moving or going to university.

Lenny (The Binoculars)


The quiet friend who sees everything but says nothing.


The friend used solely for rides.

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