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8 Reasons England Football Fans Are The Absolute Best In The World

It's football time!

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1. We can make any song sound hard.

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Football fans sing "Truly, Madly, Deeply" by Savage Garden.

2. We really dress up for the occasion.

Mike Hewitt / Getty

3. They create hit songs just for the England team.

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RhinoEntertainment / Via

New Order, "World In Motion"


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Baddiel, Skinner & Lightning Seeds, "Three Lions '98"

This, too:

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Via Ant And Dec YouTube

Ant & Dec, "We're On The Ball"

4. Our spirit for our favourite team is incredible.

fsf.images / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: fsf-images

Even though we haven't won the FIFA World Cup since 1966!

Hulton Archive / Getty Images

5. We will mock the England team for charity.

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Comic Relief / Via

Smithy meets the England Football Team (Red Nose Day).

6. We always use humour to deal with disappointment.

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BBC Comedy / Via

7. We get extremely emotional over any game England plays in.

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8. If the game goes to penalties we already know the outcome.

But maybe one day we can claim the World Cup trophy again and say:

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