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30 Incredibly Socially Awkward Moments Everyone Has Experienced

Wishing you were in bed just watching Netflix.

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1. Icebreakers: The most evil way to get to know people.

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2. Not being able to remember where you recognize someone from.

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3. Waving back at someone and realizing they weren't waving at you.

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4. Walking into a packed room late.

RKO Radio Productions / Via

5. The sentence "we need to talk."

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6. Finding out one of your friend has a crush on you.

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7. Being the 3rd or 5th wheel.

ABC / Via

8. Buying a toilet roll in the store.

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9. Eating messy foods in front of your crush.

CBS / Via

10. "Happy Birthday" being sung to you in a restaurant.

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11. Walking past a mirror.

Comedy Central / Via

12. Accidentally "liking" something on Facebook.

BBC / Via

13. Watching a film with your parents when a sex scene appears.

Comedy Central / Via

14. When you can't hear someone.

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15. Seeing your boss/professor in the grocery store.


16. The back of your head getting tagged in a photo.

BBC / Via

17. When your friend makes you watch a funny YouTube video that turns out not to be funny.

Fox / Via

18. Having a hot waiter/waitress serve you.

19. Meeting a friend's new girlfriend/boyfriend.

Scott Free Productions / DreamWorks / Via

20. Laughing really loudly and it turns into a snort.

Fox / Via agiantsheep

21. Being a really bad flirt.

New Line Cinema / Via

22. Falling or slipping in front of a group of strangers.

AMC / Via

23. Sitting next to a stranger on the bus.

Universal Pictures / Via

24. Daydreaming and realizing you've been staring at someone by accident.

25. When you're alone with someone you don't know.

Universal Pictures / Via

26. Starting a sentence five times and continually getting interrupted.

Walt Disney / Via

27. Getting a new co-worker.

ABC / Via*wp-content*uploads*2013*03*Jane-Kerkovich.gif

28. Small talk with your hairdresser.

Fox / Via

29. Hanging out with your friends and then bumping into their friends.

NBC / Via

30. Seeing an ugly baby and not knowing what to say.

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