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26 Reasons Why Joey Represents Every Post-Secondary Student

He feels our pain.

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1. You start school and begin to notice things about yourself.

2. Your pick-up lines are short and sweet (and lacking creativity).

3. Social cues are not your forte.

4. You don't care that you're single. You have the greatest relationship already!

5. You try to be mature but you just can't keep it up!

6. Money is scarce. Hunger is rising!

7. There's only one food group important to you.

8. You try to give advice.

9. How you are with every test/exam you write.

10. You learn to embrace everything about you!

11. You know you need to be healthier!

12. You don't understand why you can't "Trick or Treat" anymore!

13. It's true that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, even if it is at 2pm.

14. By the end of your schooling you realize things just don't matter.

15. Your reasoning for things are a little skewed.

16. You try new things and then realize it's not for you.

17. You believe everyone talks to much. There's more important things.

18. You become attached to fictional characters.

19. Your way of budgeting isn't exactly the best.

20. You want evidence that you were once young and cool.

21. You want to be considered cultured.

22. You become extremely emotional!

23. You try to attract the opposite sex.

24. Your roommates go on a health kick.

25. When people say they would rather read books.

26. You make the greatest life-long friendships!

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