23 Thoughts World Cup Players Have As Told By "Toddlers & Tiaras"

Which football team will be the Ultimate Grand Supreme?

1. When people start criticizing the team line-up:

2. The reason why they were put on the team:

TLC / Via wfmu.org

3. When endorsement deals are made:

4. The first step out onto the pitch:

5. Taking team photos:

TLC / Via giphy.com

6. Shaking hands with the other team:

7. What the eyes are saying:


8. What the smile is saying:

9. How they think they look running:

TLC / Via giphy.com

10. What they actually look like:

TLC / Via giphy.com

11. When it’s not their throw in:

12. When they don’t pass the ball to your teammates:

TLC / Via diytheme.com

13. When they foul someone but don’t get carded:

TLC / Via rebloggy.com

14. When someone gets severely hurt and there’s blood:

TLC / Via replygif.net

15. When they’re told to get off the ground quickly after being fouled:

TLC / Via pinterest.com

16. When a fight begins:

17. They score a goal:

TLC / Via giphy.com

18. The teammates help them celebrate:

19. Their team is winning:

TLC / Via giphy.com

20. When it starts raining:

TLC / Via giphy.com

21. The other team score a goal:


22. They’ve lost the game:

TLC / Via giphy.com

23. How they really feel inside:

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