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101 Things To Do When You Survive Cancer (Twice)

Greig Trout, a former crime scene investigator with the Metropolitan Police, decided he would travel the world and follow his dreams after being given the all-clear from cancer a second time!

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Greig Trout

First diagnosed with cancer at the age of seven, Greig has decided to travel the world. He has compiled a fantasy wishlist of things to see and do. So far he has visited Nicaragua, Costa Rica and the Galapagos Islands. He hopes to inspire others with cancer to follow their dreams!

Here are just some of his alternative 'bucket list' ideas

Help others get through cancer

White water rafting

To experience Raleigh International in Costa Rica

Travel around the world

Have an entire day where I don't think about cancer

Stand at the foot of Angel Falls

Climb a volcano

Learn the tango in Argentina

Watch the sun rise over Machu Picchu

Dive at the Great Barrier Reef

Sail from Panama to New Zealand

Visit Antarctica

Kayak on the Amazon

Taste the air at Angkor Wat

Watch the sun set over Uluru (Ayers rock)

See the glaciers at Los Glaciares in Argentina

Learn to surf

Hike through the Rockies

See the and hear the geysers explode in Yellowstone National Park

Sky Dive (my worst fear but I love Point Break so this has to be done)

Visit Christ the Redeemer in Rio

Stand on the equator

Do the Lord Of the Rings Tours in NZ (I'm a bit of fan)

Hear the water thunder down at Iguazu Falls in Brazil

New Zealand - All of it!

Look out the window in awe on the Trans-Siberian Express

See the Buddhist temples in Tibet

Look at K2 and Everest with my own eyes

See the amazing Mayan ruins at Tikal in Gutamala

See the Northern Lights (Aurora)

See the mountains of Alaska

Sing Flower of Scotland on stage at the Sydney Opera House

Travel through Canada by train

Visit Everest base camp

Trek to the Lost City in Columbia

Learn to snowboard

See Matt Damon say "Do you like Apples?... Well I beat cancer... How do you like them apples?" (Ridiculous I know! Good Will Hunting is my favourite flick and I may have said this a few times myself)

Throw a ridiculous amount of tomatoes at the annual Tomatina festival in Spain

Climb Ben Nevis

Black water rafting in the Waitomo caves in New Zealand

Heli-hike on the Franz Joseph Glacier in New Zealand

Rock out at Glastonbury

Stand toe to toe with the Terracotta army in China

Stop worrying as much

Swim with Dolphins in New Zealand

Visit the Forbidden City in China

Volcano boarding

Watch the sunrise over Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Sail to Colombia via the San Blas Islands

The Galapagos Islands

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