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    30 Disturbing Items From The Unabomber Auction

    The personal effects of Ted Kaczynski, aka the Unabomber, will be sold by GSA Auctions with proceeds being used to compensate Kaczynski's victims. The auction will run from May 18 to June 2 and includes personal documents such as driver’s licenses, birth certificates, deeds, checks, academic transcripts, photos, and his handwritten codes; typewriters; tools; clothing; watches; several hundred books; and more than 20,000 pages of written documents including the original handwritten and typewritten versions of the "Unabom Manifesto." That is one load of creepy. (via Alix)

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      Description: Kaczynski used different methods to disguise his identity when he traveled to commit UNABOM crimes. He maintained several different pairs of sunglasses. Included among the sunglasses were these, strongly resembling those believed to have been worn by Kaczynski when he was seen in February of 1987 in Salt Lake City as he committed a UNABOM crime. A subsequent artist drawing based on the memory of the witness resulted in the infamous sketch of the mysterious Unabomber wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt and aviator sunglasses. This was the only time during all of the UNABOM crimes that the subject was ever seen. The artist drawing became a universal symbol of the hunt for the UNABOMBER and has been circulated worldwide.

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      This is Kaczynski's handwritten rough draft of the "Unabom Manifesto," which was ultimately published in 1995 in the Washington Post and New York Times.

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      Among all kinds of other observations about himself, in this document Kaczynski describes the circumstances, while he was a graduate student at the University of Michigan, he first realized that murdering others was at least a temporary cure for his general unhappiness. He shortly thereafter makes a considered decision to actually become a serial killer. He develops and implements a plan to learn necessary skills for both wilderness living and murder, culminating in the emergence of the "Unabomber" about 10 years later.

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      This is the L3 Smith-Corona portable manual typewriter that Kaczynski used to type most of his UNABOM documents, including the "UNABOM Manifesto." This typewriter was seized by the FBI during the search of his cabin in April 1996.

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      An individual picture of Theodore Kaczynski and another with Theodore, his brother David and their father.

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      This was one of Kaczynski's home-made "tool kits." Kaczynski kept small tools in several make-shift containers, including tools in the Tide box. Kaczynski's construction of UNABOM explosive devices was all done by hand, without assistance of power tools, and using where possible wood and metal scraps obtained from trash. He went to great lengths to create necessary parts himself, with the general exception of screws and nails. He cast some metal parts (including aluminum) by melting metal scraps on his cabin's wood burning stove. Parts he had to purchase, Kaczynski took pains to buy far away from home, sometimes while wearing disguises. He also made some of his own hand tools. These efforts were detailed in his writings.

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