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How To Dress Like A Juggalo

Forget boat shoes and feather extensions, the hot look for summer is quickly becoming the Juggalo and Jugalette! BuzzFeed has your back with tips on how to rock the style that's taking Cave-In-Rock, IL by storm.

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Get The Look: Juggalo
1 Faygo or ICP Tattoo, $50-$100/hr 2 Parliament Lights, $25.50/carton 3 Insane Clown Posse T-Shirt, $0.99 Starting Bid on eBay 4 Case of Cheap Beer, $16.99 give or take 5 Black and White Face Paint, $1.88 6 2 Psychopathic Hatchet Man Curved Barbells, $15 each 7 Detroit Pistons Basketball Shorts, $39.99 8 Lots of Faygo, $1.99/bottle + deposit 9 Black Skate Shoes, $29.99

Get The Look: Jugalette

1 Red Manic Panic Hair Dye, $8.99

2 Black, Red, and White Face Paint, $4.50

3 Hatchet Man Bikini Top, $16.95

4 Hatchet Man Necklace, $24.99

5 Juggalette Short Shorts, $12.95

6 Diet Faygo, $1.99/bottle + deposit

7 Juggalette Tattoo, $50-$100/hr

8 Black Combat Boots, $34

9 Black Knee High Socks, $8.75

Curious about what it takes to become a Juggalo? Check in on BuzzFeed's entrenched editors Matt & Dorsey as they report from the front lines of the Gathering of the Juggalos 2011.