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Jul 11, 2011

Beautiful Drawings Made With Human Hair

Each line in these drawings by Melanie Bilenker are made using strands of the artist's own hair! The delicate drawings depict quiet scenes of domestic life which are sealed in Victorian-inspired brooches and rings. And you thought all hair art had to leave you wishing for an UnSee Button.

  • Undress Brooch

    Undress Brooch

  • Hair Pin Brooch

    Hair Pin Brooch

  • Flowers Brooch

    Flowers Brooch

  • Chocolate Brooch

    Chocolate Brooch

  • Arm Ring

    Arm Ring

  • Button Brooch

    Button Brooch

  • Eye Rings

    Eye Rings

  • Brassiere Brooch

    Brassiere Brooch

  • Cookies Brooch

    Cookies Brooch

  • Hand Ring

    Hand Ring

  • Telephone Brooch

    Telephone Brooch

  • Toothbrush Brooch

    Toothbrush Brooch

  • Nico Brooch

    Nico Brooch

  • Garden Brooch

    Garden Brooch

  • Drying Brooch

    Drying Brooch

  • Nap Brooch

    Nap Brooch

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