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Animals Auditioning For Shakespeare

William Shakesbear hopes to be Romeo's understudy in his college's theater production.

Before the big Hamlet audition, falcon psyches himself in front of the bathroom mirror.

This squirrel hopes to hell that the falcon doesn't land the title role.

Meanwhile, Shakesbear practices in front of the women's soccer team's dormitories.

Squirrel, you really don't have to do this in the snow.

Shylock otter believes in method acting. He'll dine on your flesh tonight.

Understudy cat bought this sweet skull off Craigslist to get him into the role.

Grumpy Cat is definitely not buying tickets.

No, otter, we're not doing Titus Andronicus for a puppy pound fundraiser.


This drama cat has long ago crowned himself.

Dang, baby gorilla knocked that soliloquy out of the ballpark.

Try again next year, Shakesbear.

Good auditions, everyone!