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    8 Hilariously Old '90s Fan Sites

    WeLcOmE to my Spice Girls e-shrine! You are visitor number 66,666

    There will never be another internet like ‘90s internet, when amateur .gifs and marquees cluttered every Tripod and Geocities page, everyone fashioned their personal e-bodes out of rudimentary HTML, and graphic design had yet to take off as a popular obsession. Below are some ‘90s fan site still open to your cyber web-surfing. Be sure to sign the guest books.

    From the FAQ page: "This site first began on a server at Dartmouth University in Fall of 1994, when the show first aired. The internet boom was just getting underway. Neither Warner Bros. nor NBC had web pages dedicated to Friends when the show first began. There was no other Friends site of any kind."

    Started in 1999. Every .wav sound clip of DeNiro that you ever wanted.

    Savage Garden fan site hosted on Tripod. Remember Tripod?

    I never knew where those webrings were leading me.

    The Howling Fantods! Since March 1997: a fan site for the late and great Postmodern/New Sincerist American writer David Foster Wallace, named after one of his pet phrases.

    Still a very active fan site.

    Remember that "I'm blue" song? There is nothing more '90s than that music video.