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    • Slivers

      The people blocking the bus should have been arrested for obstruction of justice. Simple as that. Regardless as to how you feel about immigration, they were very clearly in violation of a US law and that’s not a point against which anyone can argue. The people in the bus being deported are not US citizens and are therefore not entitled to any privileges of a US citizen as provided by the Constitution/Bill of Rights. Does the US need immigration reform? Yes, but at the same time, people need to realize that people who are in the US illegally are breaking the law and should be treated as such.  And just to be clear, nothing in this post in any way is discriminatory against any race, and if you have read it as such, you’re discriminating against that race for jumping to the conclusion that it was. Reason being is that it shows that you think people of that race are more prone to illegal immigration than others.

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