The Life Of A Stan (Eminem Fan)

what people don’t understand, is that i’m a proud Stan. & This has taken many years of dedication to accomplish.

I’ve been a Stan for over 13 years now…

as you can tell at a young age, i HAD to have my airbrushed tee.

& You Already Know I have ALL of Em’s Albums

PLUS many of the ones he’s produced (like the RadioActive album by Yelawolf, and many others not pictured)
(Note: Eminem did not produce the CreekWater or Trunk Muzik cd’s by Yelawolf, they just made the picture)

& THEN Came Eminem’s Shady LTD Clothing Line

and you know i HAD to have all the shirts that were WAY too big at the time…

Over ten years, they became a little Snugger

like a T-Shirt should fit normally.

Cant forget about the Shady Sweat Suits

had to have that too.
Bonus: check out my sweet flip phone.

& Hats and Hoodies, Shady Ltd For Days

my parents, friends, and family supplied me with fan gear

Of Course i Support everything Slim Shady does

&& everything he believes in, because what kind of Stan would i be if not?

& as soon as i turned 18, I got a backwards “E” tatted on my Middle Finger

I fought battles, Like when Violent J from ICP came close to my home-town (ehmm “Silent Gay”)

“And call themselves clowns cause they look queer. Faggy 2 Dope and Silent Gay,
Claiming Detroit, when y’all live twenty miles away” -Eminem Marshall Mathers

this Stan HAD to dress up in her Eminem gear and make an appearance

just so i could personally tell ‘em “Fuck You”
and i did, but laughed about it because they supposedly squashed the beef

“Should I Dye my Hair Pink & Care what Y’all Think?” -Eminem I’m Back

and what about this Hair?

my friends at cosmetology supported my Shady fandom.

& Santa Even brought me a blanket

okay it was my mom and dad, but still they’re ballers.

BUT the truth is, I had never even seen King Shady in concert, UNTIL…

the day they announced the line up, i was ecstatic. COULDNT BREATHE. I KNEW after the long hiatus Eminem had been on, and after all the years my parents promised me they’d send me to a show when I got older, that they couldnt say no. So at 20 years old, i was FINALLY going to see the man I call my hero.

This is when things might seem creepy, but it all makes sense…

ever since i was in 4th grade, i always said was going to marry Eminem. so the first time I ever got to see him I had to be ready just in case ;)

SO I wore a Make-shift “Wedding Dress” to Bonnaroo

even had a veil and guarder.

& I Even had a sign, like a 13 year girl on TRL

BUT I never got to be that 13 year old girl on TRL, so i took full advantage of my first Eminem concert

I had to be in the front. SO WE WAITED.

i made it clear to my buddies and everyone around me, NO ONE would ruin my day. and my friends were there to support me. We waited 11 hours in line, skipped all other performances that day, and lathered on sunscreen. AND WAITED.


(dont let the smile fool you, i was major stressing at this point)
the other line rushed and jumped the gates, pouring into where we were supposed to be in the pit and there was no where for us to go. I had waited 11 hours, suffered thru camping at Bonnaroo (im not a camper), and fought off like 80,000 people and was being told THERE WAS NO ROOM? at this point the tears are setting on the edge of my bottom lids about to pour out. and then I hear a security guard say three words…


Because the other line rushed the gates into our pit, We were allowed to go up to the very front pit where the VIP ticket holders stood.

JUNE 11, 2011 11:00 PM I SAW EMINEM

for the first time. something ive been waiting to see/hear for YEARS.

This was, by far, the Greatest Day of My Life

i cried, pretty sure i blacked out from excitement too.

After the concert, i had to come back to reality, like this

Boyfriend was NOT okay with me being an Eminem fan, or wearing a wedding dress to his concert.

But a true Stan would never give up so much dedication,

especially over a “significant other”. But with the support from my friends, it didnt matter.

&& As i Get Older

i still have some of my posters hanging in my room

& am supporting other projects Em is working on

Such as Yelawolf

who was signed to Shady Records in 2011

But this here, is my ultimate proof that i WILL be a Stan for the rest of my Life

My friends at Lady Luck Tattoo & Body Piercing made this awesome piece happen :)

“Have you ever loved someone so much you’d give an arm for? Not the expression, no,literally give an arm for?” -Eminem When I’m Gone

Except this is my leg…(almost the same thing)

“SCREAMIN SHADY TIL I DIE” -Bad Meets Evil Fast Lane

So at 23 years old, I am still a PROUD Stan, and will always support Eminem aka Slim Shady aka Marshall Mathers on whatever new project he gives us.

I SAID WELCOME TO DETROIT CITY -Eminem Welcome 2 Detroit

UPDATE Mar 20 2014: once again i get to see my hero! Aug 22nd I’ll be in Detroit to see Eminem & Rihanna on The Monster Tour & I COULDN’T BE MORE EXCITED!

I will update after the show! Hopefully I can get an autograph from the Rap God himself, next to the portrait on my leg, so I can get it inked on me as well ;)

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