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14 Things That Always Happen Before A Job Interview

We’ve all been there – the interview process is hard. At least with technology, like Skype, you can stay in touch with your top cheerleaders throughout the journey to landing your dream gig.

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1. Shedding tears of joy and/or passing out.


Because you FINALLY got the interview!!!

2. Immediately calling Mom.

Arrested Development / FOX / / Via

She'll be so proud of her little baby following their little dreamsssssss.

3. Rehearsing your interview questions for your older siblings... even if they're far away!


You: "HALP ME!"

Her: "Calm down and make your bed."

4. Internet stalking each person you'll be meeting.


Social media tells no lies.

5. Finding a brand-new getup that screams savvy, professional, and chic.


"Are you there, perfect power suit? It's me, Success."

6. Perfecting your firm handshake.


No dead fish hands here.

7. Jazzing up the old rez.

Special skills: Juggling, Jazz Flute, uhhhh, Smiling?!?
Ron Krisel / Photolibrary / Getty Images

Special skills: Juggling, Jazz Flute, uhhhh, Smiling?!?

8. Stress eating ALL OF THE CHEESE.


It happens to the best of us. #guilty

9. Dancing a little dance to pump yourself UP.

Freaks and Geeks / NBC / / Via

Don't worry baaaaaaby, everything will turn out all right.

10. Patting yourself on the back for finding the delicate balance between procrastination and preparation.


"Aha! I'm a genius after all."

11. On the eve of the interview, having dreams on dreams on dreams about sleeping through your alarm.


And therefore losing HOURS of rest because NERVES.

12. Receiving last-minute encouragement from a friend.


Remember to return the support when it's their turn to interview.

13. Moments before, experiencing a quiet, personal panic attack, because SELF-DOUBT.


"Am I WORTHY!?!?"

14. Then calming yourself down in front of the mirror.

Courtesy of Rialto Pictures / Via

"I am beautiful. I am wise. I am gonna NAIL this interview DANGIT!"

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