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12 Struggles Every Songwriter Knows To Be True

Music + Lyrics + Endless Frustration = Love. And with Skype, you can make some beautiful music at your next jam sesh (no matter where you are).

12 Woes Every Sports Fan Faces When They Move Cities

"Let me root, root, root for the home team...from, you know, a different city." Don't miss out on home-team cheer just because you're miles away. Join the fun with your friends by using Skype.

11 Reasons Why An Open-Office Floor Plan Ruins Your Life

So hip, so modern, so loud. You may not be able to escape your job, but you can escape the office. With Skype, working remotely has never been easier.

10 Honest Letters From Busy Parents To Their Kids

Parents, it's OK — we know how busy you are. Your kiddies look up to you no matter what, so stay connected with them using Skype.

11 Charts That Explain Taking Any Trip Ever

Airline and hotel budget in one column. Food in the other. Organizing your next trip? Skype can help bring it all together.

11 Things You Didn't Know Your Pet Does While You're Not Around

Well, perhaps you knew, but you didn't want to believe it! Keep an eye on your precious pet and all their antics with Skype.

14 Tips For A Successful Interview Over Skype

Booked an interview on Skype? Congrats! Don't know what you're doing? Read on, sweet child.

The Ultimate New Job Survival Guide

New kid on the block? Stay afloat with this helpful manual of unspoken office protocol and profesh technology tips from Skype.

11 Best Things About Having A Job Interview On Skype

Let's face it, Skype is pretty much the GREATEST way to interview these days.