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9 Reasons To Love The Subway In NYC

Your passport to the city that never sleeps...

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1. The subway (usually) gets you exactly where you need to go


When you’re new to taking the subway, it can be the most confusing thing in the world. And let’s be honest, looking at those maps never seems to help. Especially if you don’t know Manhattan that well. You’ll figure it out though. And you’ll start feeling like a badass when you get to your destination without mapping it first.

2. It's CHEAP


One ride is $2.75, or you can pay just under $120 for an unlimited month pass. Think about it. The amount of money you spend on gas for a month is more than that. I cringe every time I have to pump gas, but if I were driving 45 minutes each way to work, it would cost me a hell of a lot more than $120 each month. It’s like a pass to the city.

3. You get to avoid all of the traffic


You don’t need to live in NYC, or even visit, to know how badly you’ll want to avoid driving. Traffic is almost always a mess. It would take you hours to get anywhere in the city if you drove all the time. Trust me, you’ll spend more time sitting in a traffic jam then you will actually be driving.

4. AND taxi scams


Not only are taxis expensive, but they also love to take advantage of tourists. They will take routes that they know will be the longest, therefore resulting in a larger fare. If you know the city well, then no worries. You can tell the driver what way to go so they don’t try going the more expensive route. I have been scammed though, so you should always get a copy of your receipt. You’ll be able to report the driver by the number on the receipt (and if you leave anything in the cab, you’ll also be able to get it back).

5. Or trying to park your car


If you can even find a lot or a garage to park your car in, it’s going to cost nearly as much as your rent. Though, I have heard you can get a Groupon for discounted parking deals. However, trying to find any place on the street… probably never going to happen. You’ll have to be a master at parallel parking if you’re going to manage getting in, and even out, of those tight spaces on the street. I’d rather never have to experience that.

6. You can zone out on your morning commute


Let’s be honest, no matter how much coffee you’ve had, driving can put you right to sleep. When you’re not actually controlling the vehicle, you can read a book or listen to your own music. You just have to pay close enough attention to make sure you don’t miss your stop.

7. Or even take a nap


You see people asleep on the train every day. You'll see people slowly nod off until their head hits their neighbor's shoulder, but can you blame them? I think some people might even nap standing up if there aren't any seats left. If you can sit down though, you can get a quick power nap in before heading into the office or running after-work errands.

8. The best people watching


Let's just be blunt about this: there are some extremely strange people on the subway. Even in the stations. you'll spend a lot of your commute trying to figure out what’s going on with someone, or even guessing at their life story. Occasionally, a homeless person gets on and makes a scene, or gives some big speech to ask for money, which is one of everyone's least favorite and most ignored situations. Other than that, the people are usually pretty interesting.

9. And sometimes, real entertainment


Honestly, the look on everyone's faces when somebody starts dancing on the train pretty much explains it. There’s really just not enough room on a subway train for that. At least some of the singers/groups can be pretty talented. Just hope you don't have to spend a 40 minute train ride standing next to a woman singing at the top of her lungs. Even headphones can't save you then.

Any trip on the subway is the fastest way to experience culture in NYC. You get a taste of everything this city has to offer. When you finally exit the station, you appreciate being aboveground more than ever, and it makes this city that much more incredible.

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