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19 Reasons Why Miles Teller And Keleigh Sperry Are The Definition Of #RelationshipGoals

(AKA that time I stalked Keleigh Sperry's glamorous Instagram.)

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This is actor (and total babe) Miles Teller.

Kevork Djansezian / Reuters

Did I mention he's a total babe?

He was crazy amazing in this year's Oscar-nominated film "Whiplash."

This is (super talented) model Keleigh Sperry. She's Miles' girlfriend.

David Edwards / David Edwards/DailyCeleb/MediaPunch

Here's why they're legit perfect.

1. They lay in the sun together.

2. They take adorable mirror pics.

3. They even sunburn together.

5. They don't let the rain ruin the vibe.

6. They rock the couples costumes. (And they're casually friends with Kid Cudi.)

7. They reach peak adorableness during the holidays.

9. Their lives are so glamorous that sometimes they sip wine and chat with Eddie Redmayne.

10. More amazing mirror pics.

11. They even take glamorous vacations.

12. Oh yeah, they totally SLAYED at the Oscars together.

Ab1 / Adriana M. Barraza/

13. They just slay red carpets in general.

14. Srsly.

15. They photobomb like champs.

And the winner for Best Couple goes to: @Miles_Teller and @keleighsperry

16. They take selfies with Miles' grandma.

17. They look great even in creepy paparazzi shots.

18. They went to Coachella together, as all celebrity couples should.


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