Dougal Weenie Is The Most Adorable Dog On Instagram

Meet the dog with a lot of cuteness and just a smidgen of derp.

1. Just look at this smile.

2. And this nose.

3. Or this one!

4. This cheeky expression.

5. This epic side-eye.

6. This happy, sleepy face!

7. The time there was too much ball & he got all confused…

8. …but it was OK because he found this yummy bone instead!

9. Hard to say no to such cute begging!

10. Especially when saying “no” leads to this sad face.

11. When he’s not begging for food, he likes to BE food!

12. He thinks outside the box!

13. He’s windswept & interesting.

14. But not always that bright!

15. Goodnight!

16. Bonus: this quality derp!

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