9 Questions With The Editors Of Reductress

The creators of the new satirical woman's magazine answered some questions about what it means to get your news "feminized."

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What separates women's news from "regular" or mainstream news? What are the tenants of covering women's news?

Mainstream news is only concerned with what's going on in the world. Women's news is more about how it happened (do those two hate each other?), what people wore when it happened, and who slept with whom. And that's why women's media will always be more interesting and engaging.

What does the modern woman need to know about, and stay up to date on?

Body politics and the clothing choices that showcase your stances, current up-to-the-minute techniques for staying inspired, Jennifer Aniston's relationship status, and the secrets to a flat belly.

Do you have any upcoming features you'd like to discuss?

We are very excited about a new writer we're bringing on--she's six, super stylish, and she'll be our resident Fashion blogger. Honestly she's a more eloquent writer than either of us.

Who would be some of your ideal people to interview for Reductress?

Beyonce (but we'll take Solange), Margaret Thatcher, the woman who invented Spanx, and black Barbie.

How do you feminize the online journalism content model?

It can be a challenge. We try to make our content as pretty as possible. You'll notice our fonts are thinner than other fonts.

Okay, so inspiration is important. What inspires you? Specifically, what inspires you to create and write for Reductress?

Literally everything. Our vision boards are covered in fashion mag clippings, leaves, color swatches and lockets of our ex-boyfriend's hair. Some days we go exclusively off of smells.

What's the most important advice you can give the modern woman?

The absolute most important thing I could say is to BE YOURSELF. Do whatever it takes to modify yourself into being the most 'self' you can be.

Why "Reductress"? And, with that, tell me about your brand.

We represent a type of woman who takes in the world and media and "reduces" it all to something more stylish and packageable. We aggregate news in the same way you decide what you can fit into your clutch purse for a night out: only the essentials.

Reductress does have rather short pieces— tell me more about the "clutch purse" philosophy of your content length.

Clutch purses are totally impractical. You have to constantly hold them because there's no strap. They aren't helpful but make us look good - just like babies.

That's how we feel about short articles. Also, I don't know if you noticed, but we're really, really busy and shorter articles are way easier to write.

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