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Which Lesbian Television Sex Scene Always Gets You Hot And Bothered?

Don't lie, you've got your favorite.

Seeing queer women on television is becoming less of a rarity — thank goodness.

Which means we get more of those, um, you know — really steamy scenes too.

And those steamy scenes? They still feel like a victory when we actually get to see them.

For example, Bo and Lauren's sexcapades on Lost Girl took things to new heights on so many occasions — it's hard to pick just one specific scene, really.

And Willow and Kennedy didn't just make your dreams come true on Buffy The Vampire Slayer, they made actual queer lady television history with their sex scene — the first of its kind on broadcast television.

Maybe Emily and Naomi's little rustic woods romp was the first time you really saw two ladies in love going at it.

And don't be shy — we can all agree The L Word gave us all plenty of ~creative~ day dream material.

Everyone's got a favorite TV sex scene, and seeing yourself represented is always memorable, so tell us yours and ~why~ it's so great via the DropBox below.

Remember, sharing is caring. From South Of Nowhere to Orange Is the New Black, the best responses will be featured in a future BuzzFeed LGBT post!