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This Is What Happens When Women Look At Their Vaginas For The First Time

"She looks really happy."

YouTuber Davey Wavey recently sent out a Craigslist ad seeking one thing: Women who had never taken a look at their own vaginas.

He gathered these woman and asked them: "Why haven't you seen your vagina?"

The women had a wide range of responses.

A few ladies kept things light with a hint of humor...

... while others shared deeply personal experiences.

Regardless of their reasons, all the women shared common insecurities and feelings of apprehension.

A private vanity was set up so the women could all finally gather up the courage to take a peek, for the first time.


Armed with a mirror, the women were ready for a first look.

The experience seemed exhilarating...

... a little silly ...

... eye-opening ...

... and beautiful.

GO {[.]} !!

Watch the entire video below.

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