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The Struggles Of Being The Middle Child

Sandwiched in-between the cherished first-born and the spoiled youngest child, middle children often get the short end of the stick. Or do they? Happy Middle Child's Day!

So there you are, the middle child of the family.

Your parents probably didn't pay quite as much attention to you growing up.

Life was good until the younger ones came along.

The little ones feed off attention. Constantly.

Your older siblings aren't much help...

At all.

Do your parents even know you exist?

While your older siblings hit the mall... get hand-me-downs.

Even when you outshine your siblings...

It isn't enough.

Constantly sharing a room gets old... fast.

And you thought forgetting a birthday was impossible.

You stand corrected.

Don't get discouraged.

Being stuck in the middle has its perks.

Middle children will totally become creative problem-solvers.

You learn the importance of sharing early on.

You can get away with a lot , completely unnoticed.

So go ahead and steal an extra cookie.

Take the car out for a spin.

Stephanie Tanner wants you to stay positive!

Did you know Bill Gates is a middle child?

So is this pretty woman.

Fred Prouser / Reuters

You don't hear Madonna complaining.

David Becker / Getty Images

Over half of the U.S. Presidents have been middle children.

The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza / AP

So actually....

Rock on, middle children of the world.

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