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The Lesbian Fairytale You've Always Wanted Is Finally Here

Join Princess Brittania on her quest to find true lady love.

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Fear not, the lesbian princess story you wish was around when you were growing up is finally here.

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Meet Princess Brittania. She's single, lives in a huge castle, next in line for the throne — she's got it made.

Ecept for the fact that the King and Queen need her to select a proper suitor, like ASAP.

Ahem, a male suitor. You know, of the prince variety.

This princess would much rather give her hand to the lady of her choosing, but during a visit to the local tavern she discovers her options are... limited.

Presenting: the six wenches you meet at your local gay tavern.

Let's see, there's the local poet!

But, we all know how a broken heart can end there.

There's the herbal enthusiast...

... but her potent elixir can come with some side-effects.

And then there's the blacksmith!

But everyone has their eye on her.

Dating someone with a sense of humor is always desirable?

Right. Moving on.

The midwife is caring, loyal, and a great listener. Could she be the one?

Or perhaps it's better to just stay friends.

Will Princess Brittania ever find ~ the one ~ ?

You'll have to wait to find out.

Check below for new episodes, added as they are released.

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