The 11 Best Moments From Kate McKinnon’s “SNL” Impression Of Billie Jean King

“I’m President Obama’s big gay middle finger, and I’m about to get flipped.”

1. When she appeared in a Sochi t-shirt to discuss the U.S. delegation to the winter olympics.

2. And got all metaphorical on us.

3. When she equated herself to a force of nature.

4. Her various hand motions – simultaneously athletic and graceful.


5. When things started to get real.

6. And she made her intentions clear to the Russian government.

7. She even went so far as to threaten Putin with the unyielding fury of folk rock lyrics:

8. “Talk about gay, have you seen the event schedule for the winter 0lympics?”


9. Her breakdown of the toughest folks out there.

10. Seth warned her not to get into trouble with the Russian anti-gay laws.

11. Thankfully, she has a foolproof escape plan if things go wrong.

Watch the full clip:

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