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    May 7, 2013

    That Time Alia Shawkat From "Arrested Development" Proposed To Tegan Quin

    We could all use more Maeby Funke in our lives while we wait for more Arrested Development to air. This YouTube video surfaced last December, but it is still amazing.

    It all started when Tegan Quin noticed Alia Shawkat on the street, and was obviously star struck:

    She asks her to do some of her famous lines from Arrested Development:

    Alia does some lines (from completely different films):!

    Hermione Granger:!

    Bella Swan:!

    Ace Ventura:

    And finally:!

    Alia says her character’s famous line, “Marry me!” and just stands there waiting for an answer.

    Rejection hurts Alia, it really hurts.!

    Bonus points for Tegan's awesome cat shirt and Alia's rainbow bag.

    Okay, so it wasn't a real proposal, but actually a video promoting marriage equality from the Ally Coalition.

    Another reason to worship Arrested Development:

    And still amazing to witness:

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