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27 Situations That Perfectly Sum Up What It's Like To Grow Up As A Gay Girl

The #growingupgay hashtag really gets us.

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1. The smile and nod:

friend: "look at that boy over there isn't he cute!" me (lowkey lesbian af): #GrowingUpGay

2. Intense tab panic:

#growingupgay 'can i borrow ur phone' 'yeah lemme just close a few tabs'

3. The total 180º:

Me at 13, versus me now. #GrowingUpGay

4. The stare:

When your best friend is changing and she says "Hey don't look" but you just sitting there like #GrowingUpGay

5. The very interested stare:

#GrowingUpGay playing it cool in the locker room like

6. Twist endings:

#GrowingUpLesbian when that fine ass straight friend say she been having secondary thoughts about women

7. The totally cool scenario that is literally perfectly fine with you:

8. The uncomfortable euphoria:

#GrowingUpGay when ur watching a movie with ur parents and theres a lesbian sex scene

9. The inevitable:

#GrowingUpGay realizing your crush is actually straight

10. And then the post-inevitable:

#GrowingUpGay liking a straight girl was like

11. The subtle hint:

#growinguplesbian "Are you a lesbian?" Me:

13. And the knowing smile:

#GrowingUpGay when you're smiling at your phone and your friends ask you if you're texting a boy

14. Strategic silence:

When people start talking about gays and you're sitting there in the closet like #GrowingUpGay

15. The balancing act:

#GrowingUpGay singing I kissed a girl and trying not to make it obvious you gay

16. That soulless friend:

#GrowingUpGay #GrowingUpLesbian Straight friend: I'd date you if you were a boy Me:

17. The curiosity:

#GrowingUpGay looking around @ ur friends like 👀 when Xena & Gabrielle were dry humping to see if they gay too

18. The lowkey joy:

#GrowingUpLesbian Watching tv with your family and a gay couple appears. Trying not to smile like

19. The stupid question scenario part 1:

20. The stupid question scenario part 2:

21. The perfect excuse:

#GrowingUpLesbian when you're a tomboy & your mom forces you to wear a dress to church

22. The "RLY?" face:

#GrowingUpLesbian you get asked by every person you meet how 2 girls have sex.

23. When the prayers were answered:

24. Prepping for incoming fire:

#GrowingUpGay "I don't mean to be rude, but can I ask you a question?"

25. The unfortunate birthday gift:

26. The suppressed rage:

#GrowingUpGay when you hear some of your friends say "God I just wish I was a lesbian, I hate boys!!"

27. And finally, the beginning of it all:

#GrowingUpGay every lesbians first girl crush thanks to Disney channel