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    Ruby Rose And Phoebe Dahl Prove They Are The Cutest Couple Out There

    The pair's photos for Diva magazine are just as perfect as you would imagine.If not more.

    Diva magazine's September issue features an exclusive interview and photo shoot with Ruby Rose and her fiancé, designer Phoebe Dahl.

    Sophy Holland/DIVA magazine

    As expected with these two, the photos are jaw-droppingly stunning.

    Sophy Holland/DIVA magazine

    As if we needed more evidence that Rose and Dahl are just about as perfect as a couple can be.

    Sophy Holland/DIVA magazine

    May their reign as unbelievably adorable be a long and prosperous one — we are not worthy.

    Rose posted to her Facebook stating that "the interview is nuts." You can download the digital issue of Diva right here.