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    Rihanna And Shakira's New Music Video Could Be Dangerous For Your Health

    Is this amount of sexy even legal!? A new power couple has been born.

    When you combine the mind-blowing sexy of Shakira...

    ... with the earth-shattering sexy of Rihanna...

    ... you get a music video that's so out-of-control sexy, it's probably dangerous for the average person to even watch.

    Obviously, these ladies don't care about your well-being, because they made the "Can't Remember to Forget You" video anyway.

    It's certainly none of Shakira's concern if your legs start to shake when she shakes it.

    Rihanna doesn't care if your hands start to sweat when her figure appears on screen.

    Riri doesn't have the time to worry if you get minor palpitations when she does this:

    And it's simply none of their concern if you lose your short-term memory after seeing witnessing THIS.

    If you endure excessive sweating, rapid heart rate, and dizziness – don't blame them...

    Get down on your knees and praise them for the gift that is this video.




    "The chemistry was so good and so real. She taught me dance moves. She was a sweet teacher," said Shakira of Rihanna.

    Meet your new power couple.

    You've been warned:

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