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LGBT Parents, Tell Us About Your Experiences With Parental Leave

Whether you're a new parent or just welcomed your fifth, adopted or created your family in any other way — we want to hear from you!

Bringing home a new child can be a joyous, stressful, and positively overwhelming experience.


For many queer families, the road to becoming a parent is already more complicated than usual. The uncertainty of parental leave can be an added toll.

We want to hear about your personal experience with taking leave to care for a new child.

Whether you're a single parent, part of a couple, or parenting in a dynamic of your own creation, you may have overcome some hurdles to bring a new addition into your home. So what happens once they arrive?


Whether you welcomed a newborn or adopted an older child or teenager, you probably needed time to settle everyone in.

Were you given paid leave or no leave at all? How did you cope if leave simply wasn't an option?

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Did you have a partner to lean on or who was given leave themselves?

We'd love to hear from you! Whether you're a new parent, a single parent, or just welcomed your fifth child — you've got a story to share. You can submit your parental leave experience (anonymously if you’d like) in the form below.

You can also view the form here, which might be easier on mobile. Feel free to submit a family photo via the email provided in the form.