Photographers Are Having A Puddle War On Instagram Right Now

“The Puddle Games” are in full swing and people need to know about it.

1. If you search #thepuddlegames on Instagram, you’re going to be thrown right into the middle of an epic battle.

2. It’s a war that’s taking place on a beautiful and perspective-bending battlefield.

3. Anyone can join the fight and nobody will get hurt.

4. All you need to do is go out after a rainy day with your camera or phone…

5. … and capture a creative shot using a very well-placed puddle.

6. Some shots are so perfectly symmetrical you’ll have to wonder: Which side is the puddle and which side is reality?


7. One Instagram account, @puddlegrams, picks one amazing shot to feature each day.

8. Photoshop? Magic? Witchcraft?

9. Nope, just an awesome puddle.

10. So, what are you waiting for?

11. Get your puddlin’ on today – if you dare.

12. Fingers crossed, we’re in for some rain.

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