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    People Who Don't Rap But Have Rapper Names

    Just because you don't MC doesn't mean you can't have some serious street cred.

    Bruce Swagman (Attorney)

    MC Escher (Artist)

    Yo-Yo Ma (Cellist)

    Bear Grylls (TV Personality/Author)

    This could be his first album cover.

    Mercedes Bass (Business Entrepreneur)

    Michael Loccisano / Via

    Johnny Dankworth (Jazz Musician) / Via

    And his hit dance single, "5 Steps to Dankworth" is burning up the hip hop charts.

    Chris Moneymaker (Poker Player)

    Dr. Pervez Hoodbhoy (Nuclear Physicist)

    Lil Woods (Actress)

    H.P. Lovecraft (Author)

    The H.P. stands for Hater Players, obviously.

    Bill Bass (Scientist)

    Betty Compton (Actress)

    Roy Blunt (U.S. Senator)

    Roscoe "fatty" Arbuckle (Actor)

    Rebecca Spitz (Reporter)

    Yellow Yei Yah (Nigerian Olympic Swimmer)

    Lucky Grills (Australian Actor)

    Rick Cash (Defensive End)

    Dr. Mike Czech (Professor)

    Buck Jones (1930s Actor)

    Check out more rapper names with the folks over at Egotrip. (H/T Egotripland)

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