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We Want To See Your "Coming Out Haircut"

And if you rocked the Justin Bieber look, we are not here to judge.

When you first come out of the closet, there can be a lot of pressure to suddenly ~ own ~ your new label.

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After being closeted, you just want to be queer enough, gay enough, out enough. It can be scary and overwhelming, but it can also be exciting — it's a celebration of the New You ™.

Often, this results in the occurrence we will refer to as the "coming out haircut."

*flips open dictionary*

Coming Out Haircut (n): The haircut you get right after coming out of the closet because you 1. want to be more visible to the community, 2. feel you need to look a certain way now that you're identifying a certain way, 3. just want to mark your coming out by totally owning it.

Whether you keep this new 'do for a long time or simply look back on it with mild amusement and embarrassment — the "coming out haircut" is a very common rite of passage for queer women.


Now, is there really such thing as having a "gay haircut" or "lesbian hair" — no, there isn't. But just like fashion, hair was made to be experimented with and it can be an awesome way to express yourself.


Maybe you wanted to be more visible, so you went for a J. Biebz swishy chop:

Did you go dapper like Ruby Rose or pull it high and tight for some Janelle Monáe vibes?

Or maybe you wanted to amp up your badassery with a subtle undercut:

If you went for an early Tegan & Sara mullet-esque look, we're not here to judge.

Everyone has a unique relationship with their hair and everyone has a different coming out story — we want to hear yours!

For a chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed post, simply fill out this short survey and tell us a lil' about your personal "coming out haircut" experience.