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We Want To See Your "Coming Out Haircut"

And if you rocked the Justin Bieber look, we are not here to judge.

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When you first come out of the closet, there can be a lot of pressure to suddenly ~ own ~ your new label.

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After being closeted, you just want to be queer enough, gay enough, out enough. It can be scary and overwhelming, but it can also be exciting — it's a celebration of the New You ™.

Often, this results in the occurrence we will refer to as the "coming out haircut."

*flips open dictionary*

Coming Out Haircut (n): The haircut you get right after coming out of the closet because you 1. want to be more visible to the community, 2. feel you need to look a certain way now that you're identifying a certain way, 3. just want to mark your coming out by totally owning it.

Now, is there really such thing as having a "gay haircut" or "lesbian hair" — no, there isn't. But just like fashion, hair was made to be experimented with and it can be an awesome way to express yourself.