34 Moments That Made You Realize You Were Totally A Lesbian

    Those aha! moments are never to be forgotten.

    1. When you watched a romantic comedy and realized you were imagining being the guy, not the girl.

    2. When a group of girls at a sleepover practiced kissing each other and you kept wondering when/how you could do it again.

    3. When you had a crush on your friend's mom instead of their dad.

    4. When you had a crush on your friend's older sister, not their older brother.

    5. When you seriously considered the existence of boobs that weren't your own.

    6. When you watched Bend It Like Beckham and felt oddly disappointed that Jess and Jules didn't end up together.

    7. When you watched Fried Green Tomatoes and felt oddly disappointed that Idgie and Ruth didn't end up together.

    8. When you watched any movie with two strong female leads and felt oddly disappointed when they didn't end up together.

    9. When you spent more time flirting with the cute waitress than talking to the dude who asked you out.

    10. When the cute girl at your after-school job wanted to get drinks and you brushed your teeth in the office bathroom, just in case.

    11. When a guy friend told you he had a huge crush on his female professor and you thought, Same.

    12. When a guy friend told you he preferred blonde chicks and you thought, Same.

    13. When a guy friend told you he was maybe in love with his close female friend and you thought, Same.

    14. When you couldn't decide whether or not you wanted to BE Olivia Pope or DATE Olivia Pope.

    15. When you saw Samira Wiley's face for the first glorious time.

    16. When you saw Natalie Dormer's face for the first glorious time.

    17. When you saw [insert your biggest female celeb crush]'s face for the first glorious time.

    18. When you held a girl's hand for the first time and didn't want to let go.

    19. When you kissed a girl for the first time and it finally felt right.

    20. When you realized that women smell like sunshine and happiness.

    21. When you watched Titanic and thought, I could paint Kate Winslet like one of those French girls.

    22. When there was an Usher sex tape rumor but all you were looking at was Kim Kardashian's butt.

    23. When you watched USWNT but focused a little more on the players than the game.

    24. When you ran into your high school boyfriend's ex-girlfriend and thought, I wish we had just cut to the chase and dated each other instead of that piece of garbage.

    25. When you started tearing up listening to "Same Love" and couldn't quite understand why.

    26. When you listened to Tegan and Sara and the lyrics spoke to you on an emotional level.

    27. When Tegan and Sara's faces spoke to you on an emotional level.

    28. When you realized your Tumblr was filled mostly with attractive ladies.

    29. When you "stumbled" upon some lady porn and thought it looked like an OK time.

    30. When you "stumbled" into a Google search black hole and looked at photos of gay weddings for over an hour and thought maybe that was a tad out of the ordinary.

    31. When you saw another gay couple on the street and couldn't stop staring but didn't know why.

    32. When you contemplated spending the rest of your life with a woman and it didn't seem like a far-fetched idea.

    33. When someone asked you if you were into women and you laid on the denial — THICK.

    34. When you later asked the question to yourself and thought... OK, maybe*.

    *Yes, definitely.