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"Do You Have A Vagina?": Trans Advocate Janet Mock Interviews Alicia Menendez

Mock turns the tables on Fusion's Alicia Menendez, asking the kinds of questions trans women get all the time. And the exchange was Menendez's idea.

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Janet Mock sat down with Fusion's Alicia Menendez to prove a point about the wildly invasive questions many trans people are asked during interviews.

Mock literally flips the script on Menendez, asking her to share what it's like to be a cisgender woman.

Mock asked the kinds of questions she has heard herself during television interviews:

Menendez survived the onslaught (er, interview).

She even admitted that a few of those questions she had actually considered to ask Mock later on.

Mock has experienced this situation firsthand, when CNN's Piers Morgan allegedly sensationalized her transition during an interview.

Mock isn't alone. Earlier this year, Carmen Carrera and Laverne Cox handled a cringeworthy interview with Katie Couric flawlessly.

Watch the interview in full:

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