How Successful Was Your Pride Weekend?

AKA, how is that hangover going?

  1. Check all that apply to your Pride weekend...
    1. 1 You secretly counted down the days until Pride, while acting like you were totally dreading it.
    2. 2 You annoyed everyone you know by constantly asking what the “plan” was going to be.
    3. 3 You crafted an extensive agenda with your friends.
    4. 4 You accepted this plan would fall apart within the first twenty minutes.
    5. 5 You carefully planned out your entire outfit ahead of time.
    6. 6 You changed your mind at least four times.
    7. 7 You told yourself you would not wear rainbow colors.
    8. 8 You wore a crap ton of rainbow colors.
    9. 9 You bought glitter and or confetti.
    10. 10 You had more skin showing than was probably appropriate.
    11. 11 You found your mantra: “Fuck it, it’s pride.”
    12. 12 You made a sign for the parade.
    13. 13 You painted your face/arms/entire body.
    14. 14 You applied body paint to someone else.
    15. 15 You saw a drag queen.
    16. 16 You met a drag queen.
    17. 17 You high-fived a drag queen.
    18. 18 You danced-up on a drag queen.
    19. 19 You are a drag queen, now.
    20. 20 You paid an INSANE amount for a boozy brunch with friends.
    21. 21 You quickly realized the brunch cost didn’t cover actual food, just booze.
    22. 22 You felt truly alive at said brunch.
    23. 23 You repeated your mantra: “Fuck it, it’s pride weekend” again, and before every poor decision (like this brunch).
    24. 24 You refused to go into the craziness of the parade.
    25. 25 You found yourself in the thick of the parade.
    26. 26 You marched in the parade.
    27. 27 You got completely lost in the parade.
    28. 28 You could not escape the parade.
    29. 29 You had a minor panic attack in the parade.
    30. 30 You gave yourself over to the parade.
    31. 31 You became one with the parade.
    32. 32 You lost your friends in the parade.
    33. 33 You made friends with strangers.
    34. 34 Took a shot with strangers, soon to be best friends.
    35. 35 Got weirdly emotional and shed a tear with these new friends.
    36. 36 Got weirdly emotional over any old couples you saw.
    37. 37 Got weirdly emotional, in general.
    38. 38 You began screaming “HAPPY PRIDE” at everyone around you.
    39. 39 You saw boobs.
    40. 40 You yelled, “BOOBS!” and high-fived everyone around you.
    41. 41 You took a photo with the boobs… the person…the person with the boobs.
    42. 42 You told yourself to go home after the parade.
    43. 43 You didn’t go home.
    44. 44 You paid to get into an exclusive “after party.”
    45. 45 You realized it was not an open bar.
    46. 46 You thought it was 2 a.m. as you checked your watch – it wasn’t even 6 p.m.
    47. 47 You repeated your mantra, “Fuck it, it’s pride,” one last time
    48. 48 You danced.
    49. 49 You twerked.
    50. 50 You lived your life on the dance floor.
    51. 51 You lost a bit of your dignity on the dance floor.
    52. 52 You made out with someone on the dance floor, or at least that’s what your friends told you the next day.
    53. 53 You got into a drunken argument with a friend.
    54. 54 A friendship was nearly ended over said argument.
    55. 55 You cried, hugged it out, and made-up.
    56. 56 You realized you never ate a proper dinner.
    57. 57 You *somehow* got home in one piece.
    58. 58 You ate crappy food over your sink, dusted lightly with glitter.
    59. 59 You woke up the next day with little to no memory of the previous events.
    60. 60 You woke up to pictures on your phone of people you don’t know.
    61. 61 You woke up next to someone you certainly don’t know.
    62. 62 You think, never again pride - never again.
    63. 63 You begin to plan next year’s festivities.

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