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    Everything You Need To Know About Laverne Cox's Groundbreaking Role On "Doubt" Before It Premieres Tonight

    BuzzFeed News spoke with the showrunners who used their own family's experiences to bring Cox's character to life.

    Tony Phelan and Joan Rater, the television writers and maried power couple responsible for bringing countless of your favorite Grey's Anatomy episodes to life, are looking forward to the premiere of their latest project — CBS courtroom drama series Doubt.

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    BuzzFeed News spoke with Phelan and Rater about how their son's coming out influenced their work, the surprising way in which Cox landed the role, and what we can all expect from her character in Season One. Here's what you need to know:

    1. Although the character of Cam was written with Cox in mind, the showrunners assumed she wouldn't be available for the part because she would be busy filming the upcoming season of Orange Is the New Black.

    2. Not only did Cox fly herself out to LA for the audition, she totally nailed it.

    3. The showrunners wanted Cox’s character to have her transition mostly behind her, so that her character’s storyline could go beyond her trans identity and reflect her full, multi-faceted life — something rarely afforded to most trans characters.

    4. Working through the experience of understanding their own son's experience made Phelan and Rater stronger parents, but also made them more conscious writers.

    5. By taking on the role, Cox is fulfilling a life-long dream of playing a lawyer on television.

    Following her audition, Cox admitted to the showrunners that she's always wanted to take on the role of a lawyer.

    "I can see why. She comes across as really smart and empathetic and passionate," said Rater. "It was this miracle to us, another casting piece that just made us pinch ourselves."

    6. The showrunners refer to Cox's storyline this season as one of the "great love stories" of the series:

    .@LaverneCox opens up about why she loves her sexy, complex role on #Doubt: "Cameron Wirth is beautifully flawed."

    "Laverne’s story through the season is the great love story of the show. She falls in love with a cis guy who is a prosecutor," said Phelan.

    "Laverne is so charming and the guy, Ben Lawson, who we cast as the love interest— they have amazing chemistry. It was fun to watch their love story emerge. We get to play a lot of themes and conversations that I have not seen on TV," Rater added.

    "A little more of the nitty gritty with a trans woman and a cis guy coming together — as well as the fun, and the excitement, and sexiness."

    Cox described the nerves she felt while filming her very first onscreen love scene, telling Yahoo Style, "It was really scary. It was uncharted territory for me on camera. So much of what goes on with Cameron, I’ve lived. The writers wanted to know about my dating experiences. A lot of that ended up in the script. It felt honest and truthful.”

    7. Also: Cox and co-star Dúle Hill (Psych) had a tap-off during filming and here is all the proof you need:

    Doubt premieres Feb. 15 at 10 p.m. ET/9 CT on CBS.