Dianna Agron Becomes Brandon Flowers In The Killers New Music Video

In the video for “Just Another Girl,” the Glee star turns out some serious menswear and a rather large mustache. She completely steals the show.

1. Former Glee actress Dianna Agron is the star of The Killers new music video, and she absolutely kills it.

2. In the video, she perfectly echoes lead singer Brandon Flowers — right down to the outfit.

3. Scratch that — she does it better.


4. When she lip-synchs the opening lines, you can feel your hands get sweaty.

5. And with every outfit change the floor seems to fall away from under your feet.

Menswear, menswear — everywhere!


6. Especially with this fake mustache.

8. The only thing more perfect than her outfits? Her moves.

10. Warning: You may feel yourself going temporarily blind as her eyes pierce through you.

What. Is. Happening.

11. And in this moment — you wish with every fiber of your being you could BE that cord.

12. Brandon… what? No. Go away.

13. Check out the hotness for yourself:

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