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Dealing With A Breakup: A Food And Music Playlist.

The 5 stages of grief you will experience along with a perfect pairing of food and music therapy. Get in these arms!

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1. Denial. / Via

Consume: Soothing Green Tea

Listen: "Someone That I Used To Know"- Gotye ft. Kimbra

You are in shock, disbelief, and of course complete denial. Sip some soothing green tea and have some time for inner contemplation. It's the calm before the epic emotional and carb-loading storm to come.

2. Anger

Consume: Big juicy steak

Listen: "Ring the Alarm" Beyonce

Now things are getting real. In your fit of rage you crave protein, so whip up a nice juicy steak, something you can truly sink your teeth into. Fuel the fire while cooking and blast angry curse-riddled rap, but for added girl power we suggest the Queen B herself.

* note: for vegetarians out there i'm sure tofu can be paired with anger just as nicely.

3. Bargaining

Consume: Massive amounts of Chocolate ( preferably dark)

Listen to: " If Only"- Dave Matthews Band

You are now probably sitting on the floor amidst a pile of pictures, trying to pinpoint the moment it all went wrong ( good luck). While you feel the helplessness wash over you, help yourself to some stress relieving chocolate and turn up the Dave Matthews Band Jams. The pity party has begun in earnest now and there is no shame in that!

4. Depression

Consume: Mercer's Wine Icecream

Listen: " Someone Like You" Adele

We all knew this time would come. What pairs better with your own salty tears than wine and ice cream? Oh thats right, actual wine ice cream ( I know, stay calm). Blast on the Adele and belt it like you never have. No one is judging you except maybe the cat.

5. Acceptance ( and peace )

Consume: Sushi

Listen : "We Are Never Ever"- Taylor Swift

At this point your friends are all getting concerned since you stopped answering phone calls and have yet to shower. They can feel better because you finally are starting to feel okay with what happened, no more tears and no more anger! Get yourself clean and go out for sushi with your friends, blasting some serious jams on the way.

Of course going through any break up is tough, but food and music will always be there for you!