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    9 Signs You're About To Watch A Lesbian Film

    In case you're confused, the poster usually gives it away.

    You're settled in for the evening and looking for the perfect movie to watch.

    But how can you tell if your flick of choice has just the right amount of lesbian for you?

    The right amount, meaning as much as possible.

    Please take note of these helpful signs to watch for:

    1. First, are you looking in the "Gay and Lesbian" section of Netflix?

    If not, go there.

    2. Are there two women on the movie poster? Okay, you're halfway there.

    Now, look for the following cliché movie posters:

    3. The over-the-shoulder cuddling pose.


    Level of gayness: Birkenstocks on your all-female campus.

    4. The forehead-to-forehead lean.

    Level of gayness: Saying "Lez be honest" in a sentence.

    5. Bonus: Combining the last two categories together in one glorious image.

    Level of gayness: Your first Tegan and Sara album.

    6. The always popular "chilling on the floor," because apparently furniture was so last year.

    Level of gayness: Cut-off cat tank tops.

    7. Intense - dare we say menacing - staring.

    Level of gayness: Owning more than one U.S. Women's Soccer jersey.

    8. Nudity for nudity's sake.

    Level of gayness: The term "U-Haul."

    9. Allllllllllmost kissing. Almost.

    Level of gayness: The HRC bumper sticker on your Suburu.

    Does the movie you selected have most of these things?

    Cheers, you are about to watch a lesbian film.

    *Disclaimer: No guarantee the movie itself will be any good.