Chorus From Macklemore's "Same Love" Is Now Its Very Own Song

    Don't lie, you waited to belt out the female vocal hook every time. If you don't know who Mary Lambert is, you better take a listen.

    Everyone knows and loves the song "Same Love" by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.

    But few people realize the female vocalist on that track, lesbian singer-songwriter Mary Lambert, helped write it.

    Lambert posted on her website about the emotional writing process:

    The second the song played through my computer speakers, I knew this was why I had never been able to kill myself through the years of my mental illness. I knew this is why I was still alive: This was the song that was so important, my God. I wanted to write a chorus that was poignant and honest; genuine. I really tried to not be gay at points in my life, but I was (and am) at a point where I refuse to apologize about my identity. I am not sorry about my gayness. I am not sorry I'm a Christian, either, though that's far less persecuted than my gayness, which is ironically, instigated by the Christian community. "Not crying on Sundays" was a huge lyric for me to write. I cried and cried in church for a year, believing that I was going to Hell, trying to reconcile "the demons". At some point, it became absurd.

    This week she released a full version titled "She Keeps Me Warm."

    Lambert says of the new single:

    Releasing 'She Keeps Me Warm' today is a massive and scary step. Simply because this song is not political. It's not about oppression or marriage equality. This song is a love song. That's all it is. It's an honest love song, an extended version of my chorus from 'Same Love'. It's another side of the story. The only difference with this song is that there are female pronouns. I'm not trying to be shocking. I suppose it's inadvertently making a statement, but I hope this song sits in all hearts- gay or straight. It's not about any of that. It's about love. It's always been about love.

    Some behind-the-scenes shots of the upcoming music video:

    Take a listen to Mary Lambert performing "She Keeps Me Warm."

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    You can buy the single here.

    h/t Dorothy Surrenders