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    Sara Quin's New Cat Should Be The New Member Of Tegan And Sara

    Rumor has it she's already getting her paws dirty on the next album.

    VERY IMPORTANT MUSICAL CAT NEWS: In case you missed it, Sara (of Tegan And Sara) brought home a brand new kitten a few months ago.


    And, as often happens, the cute kitten has grown into an even more adorable cat.

    A cat named — we can only guess from 'grammed clues — "Holiday."

    She seems to be really busy doing cat things, like playing with their stuff...

    ... hiding in random objects ...

    ... knocking things over ...

    ... and walking on a leash. (Okay, not really a cat thing.)

    But the question remains: New pet or new band member?

    Rumor has it she's already putting her creative paws into the next album:

    Some fans might be concerned that said kitty will cause a rift between the twins, disrupting their creative flow.

    Is there even room for three faces on the album cover?

    What if the cat's partying ways become too much — dismantling the next world tour?


    Thankfully, Tegan seems fully onboard with the new bandmate.

    Leaked hits include: "This Blanket Is My Home."

    "I Think That Bird's Out To Get Me."

    And the mellow ballad, "Cone Of Silence."

    ~ Purr Solo ~

    Look for her out on the road and on tour soon.

    ** BuzzFeed has no actual proof this cat is a new bandmate, in fact she is — most likely — just a new pet cat. **

    But, we can dream.

    (Because dreams sometimes come true.)

    Sometimes I creep Instagram accounts about strangers cats and I murmur things like...I want one... to myself. 😿