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Posted on Oct 5, 2015

Let Cameron Esposito And Rhea Butcher Solve All Your #LesbianProblems

Let this comedic power couple solve all your problems, or at least try really hard.

If you haven't been introduced, please meet comedians (and IRL couple) Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher.

Once upon a time, Cameron answered questions about lesbians. Now this duo is stopping by BuzzFeed during their third national tour to answer questions for lesbians.

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They are not what you would call "professionals" but they are here to help you with any and all #lesbianproblems you may have.

You may be thinking: Can I get some advice from these two? Well, are you a queer woman? Do you have a problem? GREAT! Ask away.

Maybe you're going to a wedding and want to wear a suit, but you're ~nervous ~ about it?

Perhaps you're fighting with your girlfriend over getting a fluffy friend?

Or maybe you're dealing with some less than open-minded people in your life and don't know how to handle it?

(They have experience with this.)


If they can't dispense wisdom, they can always provide jokes:

Wait if ur not gay what do u think the movie Frozen is about?

Remember when they made green ketchup? Man, what was going through their Heinz.

(No seriously, they have wisdom.)

When life is cool & fun & ur like "What'd I do to deserve this?" the answer is "Nothing, you fucking idiot. But enjoy it."

Leave a comment with your problem below for a chance to have Rhea and Cameron provide solutions and advice! You can also tweet #lesbianproblems to @BuzzFeedLGBT!

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