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The First Trailer For Ellen Page's "Gaycation" Is Finally Here

BuzzFeed speaks with Ellen Page and co-host Ian Daniel about their new Viceland TV series, which has them traveling around the globe exploring how LGBT communities exist in different cultures.

The first trailer for Viceland’s Gaycation, which has Ellen Page traveling to different cities around the world exploring local LGBT culture, is finally here and it's a wild ride:

The 28-year-old actor made headlines last August when she went head-to-head with Ted Cruz at the Iowa State Fair — a confrontation that appears in the upcoming series.


That tense and emotional moment is only one of many for Page and her co-host/best friend Ian Daniel as they travel from the U.S. to Toyko, Rio De Janeiro, and Jamaica.


In each episode, Page and Daniel (who is also gay) attempt to explore the ways in which different cultures deal with gender, sex, and sexuality by immersing themselves in the local LGBT community.


Filming the series proved to be a very personal and moving experience for Page, who found herself in front of the camera with no script to follow.


In a telephone interview with BuzzFeed News, Page and Daniel both touched upon some of the more emotional moments during filming.

"I think I expected to definitely have emotional experiences, I don't know if I would have anticipated...I don't think you can anticipate the actual degree of what you're going to feel," said Page of the eye-opening experience. “I’m a privileged person. I’m a privileged gay person. [The show] helped me understand, even more so, how much more vulnerable people are."

“Each episode you’re learning so much,” Daniel explained. “It’s these one-on-one interactions that are so rare, that you don’t have in your everyday life, so you come out of each episode expanding each time.”

The trailer features clips of Page and Daniel speaking with LGBT people who are unable to live openly for fear of oppression or violence.


Pictured above is Angeline Jackson, Executive Director and Co-Founder of Jamaica's Quality of Citizenship. Both Page and Daniel agreed that attending the very first Jamaican Pride Parade was a particularly emotional and rewarding experience. “I felt so humbled and privileged to be there,” Page said. “It was one of the more inspiring things I've ever seen. That was very big and special.”

Page hopes the Gaycation series can give those without a voice the opportunity to share their story, as well as their bravery.


"It will blow your mind how extraordinary they are," the actor said of the people she met while filming.

"At the end of the day, we hope to expand people's minds and their hearts. I don't know if that sounds cheesy but it's just that simple," Daniel concluded.

While most of the series focuses on exploring foreign cultures, the U.S.-based episode, as Page describes it, is one of reflection.

"You feel such a sadness and frustration and confusion for how much people have to struggle," Page said of her emotions after returning back home. " It’s so hard for me to wrap my head around why people are treated that way. And then, of course, you feel so inspired and so humbled by just how much you’ve been able to learn, how extraordinary people have been to us, how vulnerable and generous they are. That's what you're left with."

The series also shines a light on Page's close friendship with Daniel, a bond that strengthens with each destination.


"I couldn't have even imagined being closer to Ian than I already was." Page said of their friendship. "He is the person I can safely say I don't know who I would be without."

Daniel quickly added, 'Ellen's going to make me cry."

Gaycation will premiere on Viceland, Vice’s new TV network, Wednesday, March 2nd at 10PM.