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    Angel Haze's New Single Is All About Her Girlfriend

    "I'm happy to finally share the passion i've had but couldn't express,” wrote the artist about the track entitled "Candlxs". This will be the first single from Haze's upcoming album.

    Rapper Angel Haze dropped a new song entitled "Candlxs" on her Tumblr last night.

    The beautiful track, Haze's first new single since she released Dirty Gold last year, features a self-portrait of her and her girlfriend Ireland Baldwin.

    The rapper wrote of the single, produced by Troy Noka:

    "This is one of the first songs I wrote for my new record (also painted the artwork), it feels incredibly personal, but I'm happy to finally share the passion I've felt but couldn't express."

    "Candlxs," an unabashed love song, is quite a departure from the themes Haze explored on Dirty Gold.

    And the lyrics? Straight up relationship goals:

    Drift off, meet after dark
    leave what you love with a head full of art
    run to the sun to wherever u are
    swear to your moon with a cross on my heart
    swallow my thoughts
    lets get lost in the sparks
    of whatever this is
    I'm devoted to you, babe, affection is risk
    but do you have my heart?
    thats a definite yes.
    starlight, the beauty, the visage is bliss
    your nature, your gloomy perception is lit.
    i can see you and me struggling beautifully
    paint the whole scene with good head and good ___

    can we dance forever?

    ~ SWOON ~

    On twitter and in a YouTube video, Haze dropped even more hints on her upcoming album:

    the new record will be titled - TFABN - the flowers are blooming now.

    will post a preorder link for candlxs and GXMES today.

    She also posted this sneak peak of another new track coming out next week:

    And this short preview of "GXMES":

    Bottom line: This is what love sounds like: