Rapper Angel Haze Attempted To Leak Her Entire Debut Album

“Since they don’t want to put it out this year, I will.” Dirty Gold was up for streaming on SoundCloud until the leak was promptly pulled by her label. UPDATE: The album will be released on December 30th.

1. This morning, rapper Angel Haze leaked her entire debut album Dirty Gold – scheduled for release this March.

2. She put all twelve tracks up on SoundCloud after a disagreement with her label, Island/Republic Records.

3. Haze passionately tweeted her feelings concerning the frustrating situation.

Idc what happens after this. They will get the music they were promised. And you guys JUST MAY LEARN TO KEEP YOUR FUCKING WORD.

— AngelHaze (@Ala$ka Yxxng)

8. In response, fans showered Haze and the album with plenty of love.

First listen and all that, but @AngelHaze is actively fucking your year-end music list.

— TheTomasRios (@Tomas Rios)

This legit is genre defining. If you didn't believe in her before, you will do now. All hail the queen @AngelHaze


@AngelHaze I love that we're in this together. You look after us + we will always look after u. That's your heart in that music, not theirs.

— Burtini (@Amy)

@AngelHaze the sleepless nights and hard work definitely paid off, this is an amazing album, Proud to be a fan! #DirtyGold

— ThisIsAnick (@Anick.)

12. Lesson learned: Don’t get mess with a passionate artist and her music.

13. The full album was up for streaming, despite a few minor glitches in the tracks.

Sorry. Getting the full 12 songs up. Soundcloud is fucking with me. Give it two minutes.

— AngelHaze (@Ala$ka Yxxng)

All 12 songs are up now. But the soundcloud big has misnamed them. Haha. Enjoy listening to the wrong songs as well as the album lol.

— AngelHaze (@Ala$ka Yxxng)

15. And for a glorious moment, everything was right in the world.

16. Until the leak was pulled and everything was wrong again.

17. At least we still have the lyric video for “A Tribe Called Red” while we wait for the official release.

18. BuzzFeed has reached out to both Angel Haze and Island/Republic Records for comment.

19. Update - Dec. 19, 2:20 p.m., ET: Angel Haze has announced her album will be released on December 30th in the U.S. and UK:

My labels have agreed to release Dirty Gold December 30th. Uk & US. (Rest of the world, we are coming for you as well). Thank you all. Night

— AngelHaze (@Ala$ka Yxxng)

Just want to say thank you guys for your support today. Thanks to those who heard the album and fucked with it. Thanks to everyone who

— AngelHaze (@Ala$ka Yxxng)

21. That is how it’s done.

Behind every rebel is a fucking reason.

— AngelHaze (@Ala$ka Yxxng)

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